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Molezu have the ability to customize any mask with any color based on your demands, Our factory have 2 product lines to support any orders. We have professional team to design and develop products as PVC, Latex, Silicone, Resin and others, your ideas is the power of moving forward of Molezu.

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Main Market: North America and European Union, Oceania, Asia

Factory Size

Two Factories: One in Huizhou with 2000 square meters, Another one in Jiangxi with 10000 square meters


Export To: United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Russia, Australia, Japan etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where is our company located and what's the Main responsibilities?

Dongguan Office: We have a professional marketing team specializing in international and domestic business with almost 20 employee.  

Huizhou Factory: Mainly design and develop latex mask with 2000 square meters, the daily production is up to 3000pcs in latex masks and have more than 50 skilled workers.

Jiangxi Factory: This factory with 10000 square meters and 100 experienced workers is responsible for whole category halloween products such as latex masks, PVC masks, silicone masks, resin craft and other horror props producing.

How many R&D workers do we have and How many days to customize new projects?

Scupltor: We have 2 scupltors who have almost ten years experiences in mold design, they can scuplture one mold in only one day. 

Designer: We have 3 designers who have more than 5 years experiences in halloween products design, they can design and develp a new item in 3 days.

Spraying Master: We have 5 skilled spraying workers who can paint 300 to 500pcs product in one day.

Any custom projects can be completed in 7 days to delivery samples.

How to produce the masks and props?

We produce Latex mask, PVC mask, Silicone and resin products and Horror Props and the production process as below:

Handmade of the modeling clay – Injection mould – Making gypsum formwork – Latex pouring – High temperature baking – Cutting the edge -Painting.

How many days to delivery mass products?

Small orders: If we have stocks, the small order in 10 to100pcs can be shipped in 1-3 days. If we have no stocks, then need 3-7days

Mass Order: For order Up to 500pcs, the lead time will be 10 to 15days