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Molezu Novelty Horse Mask Creepy Latex Animal Mask Halloween Costumes Mask Brown

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Hey guys, How do you feel like wearing such a horse mask to go shopping? Haha, it's cool. Others think you are a very humorous person. There is humor in life. Having such a novel item is necessary for every humorous person.

The horse head mask be made of high-quality 100% natural environmental rubber latex. Deodorization treatment has been done in the production process. non-toxic, non-dissemination of odor, water-proof insulation, and a very natural realistic and easy to clean.

 There are no obstacles in your sight and breathing. You can see through the mouth and nose of the horse mask. This will add more joyful and active atmosphere to you. Rubber latex is elastic and stretchy, with plenty of space and breathability.

Horse head mask suit for Halloween,christmas,easter,carnival,costume parties,tag party or simply for going to a night club. It is also possible to play with the kids at home or on weekends. Anyway, you will see plenty of use at times other than Halloween!